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1.1 Project Introduction

Rideo is a decentralized Web 3.0 creation social media platform developed by ZB.House. It aims to nurture users to share their professional knowledge, ideas, and experiences and to sublimate inspiration. The platform is composed of a mixture of multimedia elements. Users can express themselves not just in text but also in the form of short videos, broadcasts, and dynamic pictures (GIF). The platform rewards users who contribute to the ecosystem with the economic models of "Create-to-Earn" and "Ideas Mining", providing an incentive environment for the sustainable development of the platform. 

1.2. Mission and Vision

Rideo believes that creativity is the key resource of the global soft power, and therefore values ​​intellectual property rights. ​Through the "Create-to-Earn" and "Idea-Mining" models, Rideo aims to shape a new model of "blockchain publishing". Rideo takes up an important role, as a high-quality idea incubator to cultivate thoughts while giving ideas corresponding economic value.

Web 3.0 has three major principles, including openness, security, and equality. It redefines the decentralized network dominated by the user community and reconstructs the Internet network. Rideo takes these principles as a general direction to create a Web3.0 platform. In the long term, Rideo aims to develop an ownership economy and return ownership to users through its governance tokens, and will gradually become fully decentralized.


Business Model

Rideo aims to be  a fully Web3.0 platform with user-generated content,creation,and copyright of works in the innovative form of "Create-to-Earn" and "I
deas mining".
Members would be classified as Educators, Creators, and Students. Educators are responsible to share knowledge and engage academically; Creators share their experiences and ideas; Students learn and vote for different content.

Based on the Idea-Mining algorithms, which consider factors including the number of likes, readings, comments, etc, educators could earn platform token $RDO through their teaching materials. , Creators would be funded for their exchange of experience and ideas based on this Idea-Mining algorithms. Meanwhile, readers and students who actively check in every day would be rewarded. 

Rideo would be managed by RideoDAO decentralized center. RideoDAO members could serve as the platform content creators , event participants, and platform managers by holding $RDO tokens and participating in the Rideo governance process. The $RDO deflation mechanism and the appreciation brought by use cases and development of Rideo will also be rewarded for the members to hold the token and encourage them to participate in the governance process.




Rideo will release its governance token $RDO.

3.1 Token distribution

The total amount of $RDO is 5 million. $RDO will be distributed as below:

1)    Community treasury: 40%;

The $RDO in the treasury would be initially locked by smart contracts and gradually released over time. In which, only 10% would be unlocked at launch and the rest would be unlocked in the following 48 months. 
10% of the incentive pool balance would also be released every year. The community treasury would be used to incentivize users to publish and discover excellent content to reward content creators and copyright owners. The treasury will also be distributed to users through Idea-mining and Create-to-Earn models. 

2)    Ecological construction and liquidity provision: 15%;These $RDO would  be released at the time of $RDO issuance. It will be used for the development of the Rideo ecosystem, rapidly developing new users, attracting and motivating key opinion leaders, so as to increase the activity of the platform and help Rideo to form a network effect as soon as possible. When the referee completes Rideo promotion tasks, both the referrer and the referee will receive a certain amount of $RDO as rewards. The use of the Ecosystem Fund would be 100% transparent, and members are able to locate those rewards through:

  • Event Reward

  • Contributor Reward

  • Liquidity

  • Reward

  • Partner

  • Airdrop

3)    RideoDAO: 15%;

The $RDO in the RideoDAO would be initially locked by smart contracts and gradually released over time. In which, only 10% would be unlocked at token genesis launch and the rest would be unlocked daily in the following 48 months. RideoDAO core team members could use these funds to cover the cost of technology development work, as well as subsidize operation and maintenance costs. All $RDO tokens held by Rideo's development and operations teams would be locked for 18 months, followed by an 18-month daily unlock. 

4)    Team and seed round investors: 20%.

The $RDO obtained by the seed round investors will be unlocked 10% at the time of token issuance, then locked for 12 months, and then unlocked on a daily basis for 18 months.

5)    Strategic round token investors: 10%.

Public Presale tokens would be fully unlocked when issued. 10% of the tokens from the strategic round would be locked at the time of issuance for the following 12 months, then gradually released daily for the next 12 months. 

3.2 Deflation mechanism

The total amount of $RDO is 5 million with a deflation mechanism.

The deflationary tokenomic is designed to constantly tilt the supply and demand relationship of $RDO, strengthening the price support factor of $RDO in the secondary market, and rewarding $RDO holders. With the strong price support for $RDO token, there would be higher value reward for high-quality content, thus increasing the enthusiasm of creation and spread of ideas.
For every 24 hours, calculating the income exceeding the total expenditure of the community treasury, of which the NFT minting fee and the transaction fee in $RDO would be burned. Further deflation mechanisms that went through Rideo governance process  would be gradually added during the operation of the platform once approved.


3.3 Content Mining for Token Purposes

Content mining is the process by which new $RDO are created in the circulation. It is also revolutionary in validating new articles posted and is an essential part of maintaining and growing the platform ecosystem. 

1) Creators need to stake $RDO and complete high-quality content to obtain continuous $RDO income. $RDO stakers could gain income from:


  • The revenue from the sales of NFT copyrights;

  • The value appreciation caused by the token deflation mechanism.

2) NFT mining fees, including NFT copyright and advertising space NFT

3) NFT trading fees, including accelerator NFT

4) NFT transaction fees

5) Platform social activities, including governance voting, and participation in activities.

6) Tips for rewarding creators


Operational mechanism

4.1 Creation and income create-to-Earn

4.1.1 Idea mining

Educators and Creators who publish excellent materials or posts would receive $RDO as a reward. Rideo smart contracts considers factors including the number of views, likes, comments, reposts, online and offline citations, etc, to determine the amount of rewards to Educators and Creators. The token distribution approach could incentivize the organic growth of high-quality content.


These $RDO would gradually be released by the system from the "community treasury". Since the number of daily releases would be limited, good content creators compete with each other for the limited $RDO reward.

4.1.2 Discover excellent content

The selection of excellent posts is determined by users' likes and votes. The weight of likes is proportional to the total amount of $RDO locked in the account. The higher the cumulative number of likes and votes for a post, the higher it ranks. The creator's total score (the formula is as follows) will be ranked, and the top 20 creators of the platform for two consecutive months can choose to become top column creators. “Like” votes do not consume $RDO. Only users who staked their $RDO can get the right to like and vote. By staking of $RDO, the interests of $RDO holders are closely bound to the platform. The unlocking period of the staked $RDO would take 30 days. $RDO holders would not be able to vote and like during the unlocking period. In the end, $RDO would be re-circulated. 

Rideo Creation and Revenue Scoring Algorithm:

Score = ($RDO Stake Percentage + Student Follow Percentage + (1+ User who Liked $RDO Stake Percentage) * Like Percentage + Reading Volume Percentage + Weight Percentage) * Daily Total $RDO reward quota

weight = 1.2 x (Accelerator NFT + Top Column Educators)


4.1.3 Manage and cultivate excellent topic sections

In Rideo, the theme section would be a "shop" run by a management team. Members could bid for the right to manage it. The advertising space at the top of the section would be operated in the form of NFT. The more popular the section, the higher the value of the NFT, and the management team could get more income accordingly. The promotion of advertisements is paid in the form of $RDO, and the $RDO paid by advertisers will initially be allocated into four parts:

1)    Ad viewing users: 60%;
2)    Management group (similar to LP): 20%;
3)    Community Treasury : 15%;
4)    Permanent destruction: 5%.

The allocated proportion could  be adjusted  according to proposals that went through the governance process, but the proportion of the management team will always be no less than 20% to ensure the rights of the management teams.

4.1.4 Content review process and reporting function

The content of the advertisement would be required to be reviewed by DAO members to determine that the content does not contain dangerous products or services, false propaganda, or other inappropriate content.

During the advertising period, any DAO member can report an advertisement whose content does not meet the requirements. If the DAO member votes to approve the report, the member will receive a $RDO reward.

4.1.5 Tips


Creators are encouraged to receive additional $RDO tips from users

4.1.6 Types of NFTs created by members

1) Content NFT

Creators can directly mint the content as NFTs and sell them in the form of fragmented NFTs. The minted NFTs can be sold to fans or readers who want to invest; creators can sell NFTs in the secondary market and enjoy the "creator's share".

2) Copyright NFT

In the past, many best-selling novels were purchased by film companies and made into movies. For example, creative works on the Rideo platform are made into movies or published offline. In the future, the income of the movie will be distributed according to the proportion of the NFT held, and the income of the joint works will be shared with the collaborators. And those who hold the NFT can watch the priority field in the metaverse.

4.1.7 Accelerator NFT

Creators can purchase accelerator NFTs of different attribute categories,including:

  •  hotspot recommendation acceleration,

  • search recommendation acceleration, and 

  • attention ranking acceleration


These Accelerator NFTs will improve the ranking of articles in the recommendation systems tailored for each user and also in the search results, and thus enhance the value of their NFT articles.  Accelerator NFTs can improve the ranking of articles in related categories, help creators to promote articles, and get more support and $RDO rewards, thereby increasing the value of the copyright NFT of the work.

4.1.8 Types of advertising space NFT


1) The first stage

The platform mints Ads NFT for the homepage advertising space, mainly for the banner position. Creators can bid for the advertising space through the auction mechanism. The ownership of the advertising space is 3 months, and the price of each NFT floor is $300.

2) The second stage

Every season (every three months), creators can use the copyright of their own works NFT to cast Ads NFT, the price of each NFT floor is $300, and the platform also has a rentable Ads NFT space, with a monthly rent of $120. and auctioned in the market.


Rideo utilizes an NFT bidding model where anyone can buy an ad space. Investors value investment in NFT, and the relevant income is divided into creators and users who hold the copyright of the works, attracting more high-quality creators to contribute to the platform.


Advertising NFTs are publicly available at transparent and predictable prices, and the value added is shared among creators, investors, and advertisers. Advertisers can buy ad slot Ads NFTs, post in real-time, broadcast messages, and insert feed stream ads. 


4.2 SocialFi

Creators used to support their creations upfront through debt or a limited share from centralized platforms, but in Rideo, by leveraging smart contracts, creators develop a Fans Economy. On Rideo platform, Creators can let fans invest in themselves. Creators no longer rely on a centralized platform to carry their relationships with fans. They can choose the way they like, directly monetize creative contents from Fans Economy, and turn passion into a living. The right to directly connect with fans will be transferred from the centralized platform to themselves through blockchain technology. Specifically, creators use the functions provided by platforms such as crowdfunding and NFT copyright auctions to develop the Fans Economy.


Crowdfunding Ideas

For example, if a creator has an idea to write a novel but needs financial support to bring it to life, the creator can seek crowdfunding for the project through Rideo. If potential readers see your idea and want to help, backers of the project have a chance to earn a share of all profits once published.


Under every content other users shared, user can comment and reply. Additionally, users are able to follow each other throughout the community. Platforms facilitate connections between users based on a shared interest and belief. Users can join interest groups on the platform to discuss a topic.


4.3. Becoming DAO members


Rideo will conduct whitelist airdrops on Rideo's active users, and focus on various fields, such as well-known practitioners in the blockchain industry, researchers, and social media KOLs to send invitations for them to join the whitelist.  Users can also hold $RDO and conduct the following actions to become members of DAO.

4.4.1 RideoDAO Membership

Level 0: Visitor - Hold any amount of $RDO
Level 1: Student - Stake at least 50 $RDO, can participate in proposals, and vote
Level 2: Thinker Educator - Stake at least 50 $RDO + Invitation or application for creator whitelist, can create content, mint and sell NFT, participate in proposals, and voting
Level 3: Column Educator --- The monthly ranking of the total score of educators lasts for two months and is within the top 20 of the platform


4.4.2 RideoDAO income source


  • Copyright NFT platform sales and profit: cooperate with creators to sell NFT, and obtain a fixed proportion of NFT sales income (2.5%) through the income distribution plan voted by DAO;

  • Creators crowdfunding commission

  • NFT minting Fee

  • NFT Transaction Fee

  • Provide LP Liquidity Rewards

  • Accelerator NFT Auction and Trade


Long-term development plan

Rideo will introduce more high-quality Defi and Gamefi projects to the platform and community, allowing $RDO token holders to connect social, financial seamlessly, and gaming into a cohesive metaverse.

Business Model
Operational Mechanism
Long-term Developmen Plan
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